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The $20 treatment that can shrink cancer

Australian scientists have developed a cancer treatment that can shrink tumours and stop it from spreading – all for just $20 per dose.


Lowering cholesterol can stop cancer spread: Researchers

Research finds that lowering cholesterol could be the key to neutralising the spread of prostate cancer.


Navigating 'cancer land': A guide for the newly diagnosed

Research shows that after people hear the word 'cancer', they don't hear anything else in the consultation, and it will often take several appointments with their doctors to start to make sense of what they are hearing.

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Early detection tools the key in battle with killer cancer

New survey shows it takes three to six medical appointments before pancreatic cancer is even considered.


Can arthritis drug storm the 'fortress' of pancreatic cancer?

Buoyant researchers hopeful revolutionary treatment will give hope to these cancer sufferers.


Podcast: Samuel Johnson speaks about life and staying positive

John Deeks speaks to Samuel Johnson about life and why a positive outlook is important.


Blood in stool can mean cancer, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis or ulcers

Blood in your stool should be taken seriously because it could be a signal you have a serious condition such as cancer, diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease.

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What your body may be trying to tell you

In many cases, these symptoms will not be related to cancer but it's important to get them checked out.


Who needs a colonoscopy most? Ensuring those at risk head the queue

Researchers have developed a calculator to identify patients who need their colonoscopy most urgently.

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Monash research finds heart drug can reduce breast cancer progression

Norwegian epidemiologists and Monash University researchers have discovered a drug used to manage heart conditions can "greatly reduce" breast cancer progression.

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New melanoma treatment a game-changer in cancer therapy

The traditional cancer treatment days of cut, poison and burn may be a step closer to the end as Australian doctors report a major breakthrough using immunotherapy.

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Alarming jump in these cancer diagnoses

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but blood cancers on the rise.

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