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What are death doulas and how can they help?

People who are approaching the end of their lives will usually require care. When professional help or family members leave gaps, a death doula can step in.


Over-50s carers missing out on vital support: survey

Almost half of those caring for vulnerable relatives are grandparents, and even great grandparents, and many are not getting the support they need, according to a new report.


How to maintain the love in your relationship

Showing someone you care shouldn't be restricted to birthdays and anniversaries. Our relationship expert Jo Lamble suggests five ways to ensure you don't lose that loving feeling.

Health & Ageing

What are the support options for in-home carers?

Many older Australians may wish to stay at home for longer rather than enter residential or aged care, but how does this affect family members taking on the role of carer?


Sector spotlight: Health

The 60+ market in developed countries is forecast to grow by a third by 2030, from 164 million to 222 million, according to a recent report by global management consultants McKinsey. This group is expected to generate 51% of urban growth ($4.4 trillion) in developed countries in this period, due to their growth in numbers and their higher per capita consumption than any other demographic group.


Grandparents feeling the pressure

Boosting employment and delaying retirement among older Australians will guarantee more pressure on grandparents – stretching their time and resources.

Health & Ageing

Health tips for over 50s

As people move into their 50s, 60s and beyond, health problems may become more numerous and more varied.

Plates for older drivers

Yesterday on mornings with Neil Mitchell on the 3AW radio network the issue of plates for older drivers. This was raised after a ‘Senior Citizen Mark’, currently implemented in Japan, was sent in to the program.

Travelling On A Budget

Pets on holiday

Who will look after your pet next time you go away on holiday? Discover some alternatives to expensive (and potentially booked out) catteries and kennels for your furry friends this festive season.


Children - Legal Matters

Children are frequently in permament care through informal arrangements with relatives rather than through legal processes. Wirhout a legal relationship a natural parent can at any time resume custody of the child. Also, those caring for the child may lack the authority to make decisions for the child in such matters as education and medical needs.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Contacts

Mary would like to now how she can limit her time on the phone to Centrelink by contacting the correct department in the first instance.