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Alzheimer's: caring for someone over the holidays

The holiday period is the perfect time to spend with friends and loved ones and for those with Alzheimer’s disease, this extended period of contact can be very enriching. Maintaining or adapting rituals and traditions gives those with Alzheimer’s a comfortable link to the past. However, a change in routine can be difficult for an Alzheimer’s sufferer to cope with so it’s important that you try to maintain some kind of structure to their day.


Five apps to make carers’ lives easier

This week is National Carers’ Week and we all know how difficult it can be being responsible for looking after someone. These five apps may help ease the burden just a little.

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The gift of palliative care

Free palliative care services not only offer much-needed support for those nearing the end of their life, but also for their loved ones and carers. Here's how it works and how you can access it.

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Care for carers

While at times rewarding, caring for a loved one can be such a thankless task. So since it’s National Carers Week, learn how to take care of yourself if you’re a carer.

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Energy boosts for carers

Caring for a family member can quickly take a toll on your health. These simple strategies may help to give you a much-needed energy boost.

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Five things every carer needs

Carers often neglect their own health and wellbeing, so these tips are essential both for carers and their charges.

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Reducing medication errors

Kate Swanton, shares her top five tips to help make taking your medications at home easier.


Pensioners will pay

Pensioners will not be exempt from paying the $7 GP co-payment after Tony Abbott rejected the Australian Medical Association’s (AMA) recommendation, however, children may not be charged the fee.


Call to drop GP fee for pensioners

Terry Barnes, former policy consultant to Tony Abbott and the person responsible for recommending a GP fee to the Commission of Audit, came out yesterday and suggested that payments to carers and pensioners should be increased to soften the impact of the fee. This compensation could come in the form of a “one-off adjustment of $70,” said Mr Barnes.

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Increased Newstart income limits

Increased thresholds applied to the Newstart Allowance from 20 March may mean you now qualify.

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10 wellbeing tips for carers

Feros Care’s Jo Cook shares her top 10 tips on how carers can look after themselves

Son jailed for letting mum die

When the caregiver doesn’t care

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