Biggest car washing mistakes

There are few things more satisfying than a freshly washed and waxed car. But could you be doing more harm than good? Here are the biggest car washing mistakes you can make.


Clock is ticking on checkouts

Automated checkouts and driverless vehicles – the technologies that are shaping your future.


Good news for older drivers

Average retail petrol prices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth fell slightly in the quarter ending September 2019, due to a drop in international oil prices and a reduction in gross retail margins.


Cheapest cars to own

Most people are fixated on the purchase price of any car they’re thinking of buying, but motoring writer Paul Murrell reveals what you really should be assessing.


Comfort that could kill you

The Transurban Road Safety Centre finds that common accessories you use to make yourself comfortable when you drive may increase your chance of injury during a crash.


Find cheap parking in the city

Who wants to pay for parking, especially when you can find it for free, or at least for loads less that city parking lots. These tips will help you find free or cheap parking in a big city.

Technology News

Your car may start tracking you

Widespread changes to vehicle safety standards in Europe could see new car owners have their driving activity recorded.


First cars – joy, freedom, cost!

First cars mark such a momentous time in our lives. They meant freedom, independence, adulthood, bills! YourLifeChoices writers relive their first car experiences.


Aussies love ‘em big and dirty

A new report has revealed that Australia is one of the dirtiest countries in the world in this one particular way. Can you guess what it is?


Get other drivers to pay your rego

Does it annoy you to realise how much you pay for car insurance and registration while your vehicle is mostly parked in the garage?


Thieves targeting newer model cars

New model keyless entry cars are the latest target for a new wave of technologically advanced thieves.


Car insurance costs don’t add up

The owners of 2.3 million uninsured vehicles in Australia risk having accidents they can’t afford, while insured motorists pay $1.3 billion more for their coverage than they would if all were insured.

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