Five best ‘interfering’ cats

As far as cats are concerned, what’s yours is theirs. These five adorable cats take the cake for conquering the space and attention of their humans.


A cat’s guide to Christmas

A funny video compilation of cat's at Christmas time.


Purrfect practice

A new program aimed at helping young readers become more confident reading aloud has been implemented in the animal shelter, Berks County Rescue League in Pennsylvania. n


Cats stealing dog beds

These poor pooches have been kicked out of their beds by cunning cats, and they are not impressed. Don’t worry though – the dogs reclaim their sleeping spots eventually.


Cats in water

Have a laugh at this series of funny videos of cats who love being in the water, and a few who aren’t so big on the idea.


More awkward cat sleeping positions

What’s better than Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions? More Awkward Cat Sleeping Positions. This gallery of cats sleeping in the oddest places will turn any frown upside down.

Travelling On A Budget

Pets on holiday

Who will look after your pet next time you go away on holiday? Discover some alternatives to expensive (and potentially booked out) catteries and kennels for your furry friends this festive season.


Painted Cats

How well do you think the cats you know would react if you tried to paint their fur? These crazy designs are supposedly real – what do you think?