What services and payments are available for grandparents?

If you have taken on the responsibility of caring for your grandchildren, Centrelink has a range of support available to help you.

Age Pension

How to increase pension payments when you first apply

Dennis has been told to transfer his super into his wife's account to increase his pension and wants to know if it is legal.

Centrelink News

Government assistance failing older Australians

More older Aussies are experiencing rent stress as assistance payment fails to keep pace with rising living costs, say welfare groups.


What real estate can and can’t be used as security for the PLS?

Marguerite wants to know if her property in a lifestyle village can be used as security for the Pension Loans Scheme.


Around one million pensioners to get July payment increase

Changes to the asset and income thresholds will result in a small pension increase for around one million part-rate pensioners and carer payment recipients.


Will taking a lump sum out of super affect Centrelink payments?

Greg wants to take a lump sum out of his super and wants to know if he has to tell Centrelink.

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Can Centrelink check your bank records?

Jenny claims Centrelink has been checking her bank statements to cancel her Disability Support Pension.

Income and asset tests

The financial dangers of going to live with your children

Marie and her husband are considering going to live with their son, but she wants to know what will happen to her pension.

Centrelink News

Australia’s most vulnerable die waiting for Centrelink payments

Around 130 people diagnosed with a terminal illness died before receiving a disability support pension (DSP) last year, new data reveals.


Where to access free, confidential financial information

Services Australia offers a number of free specialist services for all Aussies.

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Are interest-free loans considered gifting by Centrelink?

Connie wants to know if she can avoid the gifting rules if she lends money overseas.

Centrelink News

Services Australia warns of realistic myGov impersonation scam

The Australian Taxation Office and Services Australia are warning the community about a new email impersonation scam.

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