Chilli Lime Trout

Spice up your dinner time with this easy and healthy Chilli Lime Trout recipe. Packed with protein and rich in omega-3, this meal will have you salivating for more!


Beef and Bean Chilli

Why not try this simple to follow recipe for an all-time favourite winter meal, a Beef and Bean Chilli. It will have the whole family warmed up in no time!


Chilli Chicken

Adding a couple of spices to this simple chicken dish will give a little kick. With a creamy sauce and the delicious flavours of tomato and bacon, Chilli Chicken is definitely a flavoursome dinner.


Peppered chilli lamb

This delicious peppered lamb stir fry has quite a kick of chilli, so if hot food is not your ideal meal, leave the chilli out.

Party Food

Chilli Salt Prawns

For a really decadent entrée try a mix of prawns, squid and scallops


Slow-cooked Chilli

Everyone seems to be looking for quick recipes these days but sometimes flavour takes time to develop. This chilli recipe may take a while to make, but the taste will be difficult to beat.


Chilli Prawn & Lime Pasta

Cook the pasta and strain. Leave to sit in strainer. Heat up the oil in a wok and then add the garlic and prawns. Saute for 1 minute. Now add the lime zest, spring onions and oregano and cook for a further minute. Pour in...


Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Enjoy these chilli scrambled eggs for brunch, lunch, or as a quick and easy dinner for two.