Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Consumer rights

CHOICE consumer advocate Jonathan Brown joins co-hosts John Deeks and Janelle Ward on Mind Your Own Retirement to talk about consumer rights. n

Food and Recipes

The perfect Christmas pudding

Aldi’s luxury Christmas pudding has knocked Coles’ offering off the table, after CHOICE blind tasted and rated 13 Christmas puddings to find the best festive dessert.

Health Insurance

Consumers are being ‘scammed’

A government initiative to simplify a confusing array of private health insurance plans has failed spectacularly, according to consumer advocacy group CHOICE. n


Super fund tops the dodgy list

Reputation is everything. And two products preferred by many retirees has just suffered a huge hit to theirs after the 14th Shonky Awards were announced this week.

Seniors Finance

Don’t be tricked by a tradie

Everything you need to know before you hire a tradie, plus everything you need to know if or when things go wrong.


Best supermarkets revealed

Coles and Woolworths have almost 62 per cent of Australia's grocery market, but a survey delivers a blow on customer satisfaction.


CHOICE 2017 Shonky Awards

CHOICE has announced its 12th Annual Shonky Awards yesterday, with gongs going to a safety product that could kill you, laundry liquid that performs worse than water and a ticket reseller that’s “no better than a scalper in a back alley”.

Finance News

Consumer leases in the gun

Consumer groups have united to try and force the Government to take action against companies preying on the vulnerable with consumer leases and payday loans.


Egg app stops you getting scrambled

In April CHOICE implemented a boycott on fake free-range eggs after the Consumer Affairs Ministers signed off on a draft national standard that doesn’t quite meet the mark.


CHOICE calls for airline overhaul

Airlines behaving badly are firmly in the sights of consumer watchdog CHOICE, with its new report identifying systematic abuse of consumer law.

Airlines guilty of drip pricing

Have you ever seen a flight price that seems too good to be true? Well, by the time you get to the checkout with all the fees added, it probably is. Called drip pricing, it’s a dodgy scheme used by some airlines, two of which have just been called out by the Federal Court.


Shonky ‘worst products’ awards

From flushable toilet wipes to payday lenders who are gouging customers, here are the winners of the 2015 Choice Shonky Awards.

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