Save time and money with these cleaning tricks

Cleaning doesn't have to be a daunting task with these money saving tips.


Things in your home that can make you sick

These seven common household items may be causing your headaches and nausea.


Avoid these common mistakes people make with bleach

Avoid these common mistakes and learn how to use bleach safely and effectively.


Simple strategies to help keep spiders out of your home

Tired of uninvited guests? Here are nine simple things to do to keep spiders outside where they belong.


These car washing mistakes can damage your car's exterior

There are few things more satisfying than a freshly washed and waxed car. But could you be doing more harm than good? Here are the biggest car washing mistakes you can make.


Five areas of your home you probably forget to clean – but should

Here are some often overlooked areas of your home that you should add to your cleaning schedule.


Easy ways to get rid of pet hair in your home

Having a dog or cat often means lots of pet hair on your floors and furniture. Here are 10 quick ways to remove it.


How to clean jewellery at home

If you want to keep your rings, bracelets and necklaces sanitary and sparkling, they require a bit of TLC. Here's what to use to keep jewellery clean at home.


Simple steps to curb clutter and create a happier, more orderly home

Manageable tips to transform your home and rid it of the clutter that may be clogging up space and ruining its appearance (and, let’s face it, adding to daily stress).


Carpet cleaning – hire a pro or DIY?

Do your carpets need a revamp? A good clean can have them looking (almost) as good as new but should you buy a machine, rent one or just hire a professional? Here are the pros and cons of each.

Health news

Hospital cleaners share top tips to keep your home COVID free

Keen to keep your home as clean as possible right now? Here’s how to do it, according to hospital cleaners.


Ten cleaning tips with vinegar, lemons and bicarb

‘The Queen of Clean’ tells how natural ingredients such as vinegar, bicarb and lemons can clean your home.

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