Wondering if your energy company takes climate change seriously?

A new report assessed Australia's highest-emitting energy firms and found none were fully or even closely aligned with global climate goals.


How age and political persuasion affect our climate care factor

Survey reveals startling difference between baby boomer and gen Z voters in how important it is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The takeaway food that hurts the planet most

Takeaway or home-delivered meals are a welcome treat for many, but a review of five popular cuisines shows the cost to the planet and reveals which is worst.


Hands up who's in the club that is wrecking the planet

It's an elite club, but it has more members than many believe - and they (you) are massive contributors to climate change.


Whales are adapting to warming waters, but how much can they take?

Whales are changing their feeding, migration and breeding patterns to adapt to warmer waters, but climate change remains an unprecedented threat.


Nine places that prove climate change is real

The planet is in a climate crisis, these are the places that prove it.


Climate change not on death certificates but should be, say experts

Heat-related deaths have been so prevalent of late that health experts are calling for the root cause – climate change – to be added to…


Australians are paying for the Libs’ denialist ways: former PM

‘The Liberal Party has just proved itself incapable of dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in any sort of systematic way,’ says former PM.


Climate change and ageing population creating ‘a perfect storm’

Heatwaves are killing more Australians than any other natural disaster and are expected to become more frequent and last for longer. And particularly at risk are over-65s.


Scientists predict the end of winter as we know it

Australians will no longer enjoy winter as they know it today and will experience a new season academics are calling ‘New Summer’.


Friday Flash Poll: Do you care about climate change?

It seems the gap between science and politics is widening, and public opinion the only way to bridge it. Do you think enough is being done to address climate change? Do you even care?


You could be flying on an electric plane within a decade

Wright Electric and EasyJet have joined forces to create an electric plane and plan to fly passengers on battery-operated airplanes within the next 10 years.

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