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Friday Flash Poll: Is your generation better than younger generations?

Older and younger generations have their stereotypes. Are they warranted? What are the main differences between your generation and those after you? Tell us in our Friday Flash Poll.


Poll: Mr Pell’s conviction may be a symptom of a flawed system

Was George Pell’s conviction and subsequent sentence fair? Or is it a symptom of a flawed system? YourLifeChoices members have their say.


Friday Flash Poll: George Pell – has justice been served?

George Pell’s sentence was handed down earlier this week, and while some say justice has been served, others claim the sentence was lenient. What do you think?


PM accused of ‘lying’ about asylum seeker policy

A battle has erupted over ‘boat people’ after a divisive new law passed this week in Parliament, allowing 300 refugees from Manus Island and Nauru to be shipped to Australia as medical transfers.


Do we truly uphold Australian values?

We asked over-55s to define Australian values and today we publish the top five. But are they values we all uphold? Do we stay true to our national statement of Australian values?


Indigenous people ‘brutalised’ from 26 January: Kennett

Former premier weighs into Australia Day debate, saying the date represents the day indigenous people were “dispossessed and brutalised”.


Australians think the country is full enough: survey

A nationwide survey finds that Australians think we have enough people and shouldn’t accept more – but not for the reasons you may think.


Halloween – a terrible concept or a fun tradition?

Is Halloween a terrible concept that should have stayed in the US and Europe, or a fun tradition?


Shock poll result shows support for changing national anthem

Advance Australia Fair enjoys mixed support from the YourLifeChoices audience, with many preferring a new choice as the national anthem.


Friday Flash Poll: Is it time to change our national anthem?

Is it time we change the national anthem? Or do you think the one we have is ‘fair’? Have your say in our Friday Flash Poll.

Mental Health

At Repair Cafés, the philosophy is fix it, don’t dump it

Repair Cafés are a great place to meet, mix and learn new skills.


A blast from the past: remembering the Sunbury Rock Festival

Known as Australia’s version of Woodstock, Sunbury Rock Festival was an annual rock event promoting local and foreign acts over three days of sun-filled togetherness.

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