Age Pension

Pension inadequacy and drought blamed for retirees’ woes

The Age Pension is less than what is needed to support even a modest standard of living in retirement, says ASFA chief.

Finance News

Australia’s food bowl is drying up and food prices are set to soar

Aussie shoppers have been warned to brace for higher prices, with the country’s food bowl – the Murray-Darling Basin – expecting a dry year ahead.


Inflation is low, yet living costs are rising. Here’s why

We have record low wages growth and record low official interest rates, yet the cost of living is not getting any easier. Economist Matt Grudnoff explains why.

Age Pension

Pensioners lose out, self-funded retirees gain ground

If you’re an age pensioner and thought it was tougher to make ends meet this year, you’re not wrong. But if you’re a self-funded retiree …


Tobacco, domestic travel, fruit show biggest CPI rises

Senior economist Matt Grudnoff tells how cost-of-living increases will affect retirees.


Affluents bear brunt of increased costs

Transport and recreation post biggest cost-of-living increases with the Affluent tribes most affected.


The true cost of longevity is healthcare

Australians are living longer, putting pressure on retirement incomes, the Age Pension and government spending on welfare, aged care and support for older people. But the real cost of living longer is health care.


Power prices decreased as of yesterday, but are still too high

Your next utilities bill may cost you slightly less, after Australian energy providers put lower rates in place as of 1 July, but the Grattan Institute says high prices are here to stay.

How much is enough?

The costs that hurt you the most in 2017

Senior economist with The Australia Institute Matt Grudnoff looks at the bigger picture in cost-of-living increases for our tribes. Price rises in the things we buy are common to all households but will affect different groups in different ways.

Retirement Income

Statistics show pensioners slugged hardest by living costs

The latest Living Cost Indexes underscores the fact that many Age Pensioners are struggling to make ends meet, with higher-than-inflation prices crimping their spending power.


The cheapest areas to retire to around Australia

One of the big surprises to emerge from the 2014 Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey was that cost-of-living levels for retirees were determined by where they lived.


Hospitals and households being rocked by power bill shock

Hospitals and health care facilities are the latest victims of power bill shock caused by Australia’s rising electricity costs.

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