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How electrifying your life could save you thousands

A report from Rewiring Australia has found that replacing your gas-powered appliances and petrol-powered cars could save you thousands each year.


Age Pension increase to be 'wiped out' by rising grocery costs

The biggest Age Pension increase in seven years may have come just in time, as older Australians will soon be paying more for groceries and other essential goods.

Finance News

Why everything is more expensive in Australia

The ACCC is calling for major reform to merger laws to protect competition and get better prices for Australians.

Federal Government

Power bills may soar if ageing power plants paid to remain open

Household power bills could jump if ageing power plants are paid to remain open, report warns.

Retirement Affordability Index

What hurt household budgets in the past quarter

The Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff reveals the pressure points and tells whether inflation is out of control.

Age Pension payment rates

Could cost of key essentials outpace any September Age Pension boost?

A predicted September Age Pension boost may mean very little if the cost of household staples stays high and outpaces any income gains for pensioners.


Tobacco and childcare drive cost of living increase

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.9 per cent in the December quarter. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the rise was primarily…


COVID produces biggest quarterly price falls in 72 years

Cheap fuel and free childcare key contributors, while panic buying pushes some prices in the other direction.

How much is enough?

Tracking tribes’ cost-of-living increases

Cash-Strapped Couples and Singles and Constrained Singles bear the brunt of cost-of-living increases in the December quarter.


ABS reveals what you’ll pay more for in 2020

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, if the Consumer Price Index follows last year’s trend, we can expect a CPI increase of about 0.6 per cent before the middle of the year.

Age Pension

Pension inadequacy and drought blamed for retirees’ woes

The Age Pension is less than what is needed to support even a modest standard of living in retirement, says ASFA chief.

Finance News

Australia’s food bowl is drying up and food prices are set to soar

Aussie shoppers have been warned to brace for higher prices, with the country’s food bowl – the Murray-Darling Basin – expecting a dry year ahead.

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