What it costs to run your car

Most people are fixated on the purchase price of any car they’re thinking of buying, but motoring writer Paul Murrell reveals what you really should be assessing.


Five surprise travel costs that could blow your budget

While booking with the cheapest airline may seem like one of the most obvious ways to save money, it may cost you extra in the long run. No one enjoys being told this, but you really should read the fine print.


Relative worth

What value do we put on the cost of living – and the cost of the twilight years?


Beware the potential pain in dental tourism

Around 15,000 Australians are travelling overseas each year and spending up to $300 million on healthcare, including dental procedures, but what are the risks?


Another state aims to help you save on energy bills

Hard on the heels of the Victorian Government offering $50 to anyone who compares their energy provider, the New South Wales Government has announced another cost-saving initiative.

Age Pension payment rates

Centrelink Q&A: Why Age Pension rises fail retirees

Norm says much of his Age Pension increase was eaten up by price rises and asks whether it should be linked to the CPI. Economist Matt Grudnoff explains the system and why it won’t suit everyone.


The bill shock you may not know about – but should

Electricity consumers in many states are failing to take full advantage of cheaper plans.


Pressure builds on private health cover business model

Pressure set to mount on the public health system as more people shun private cover.


Mobile phone plan costs look set to soar

A Federal Government ban on Chinese tech giants is set to push mobile phone plan costs through the roof.

Health news

Will baby boomers break the system?

Australians are living longer and are big users of healthcare services, but is the system keeping pace with requirements?


GP visits too costly for 1.3m needing treatment: report

Fifty per cent of Australian patients pay part of the cost of non-hospital Medicare services, according to a new report. And 1.3 million reported delaying or not seeking treatment because of costs.


Rising water bills are making your budgeting even harder

Droughts, failing infrastructure and desalinated water purchases are ramping up the cost of your water usage.

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