ACCC to fight unfair fees

Aussie travellers are being “ripped off”, says Treasurer Josh Frydenberg, who’s told the competition watchdog to investigate banks charging Aussies the third highest rates in the world for foreign transactions.

Credit Cards

Protecting your Paywave

With RFID technology being used for many credit and debit cards, it is becoming more important to protect your money and identity from cyber theft.

Banking & Investment

Crackdown on credit card offers

Credit card rules and more transparent fees are at the heart of an overhaul of the banking industry’s code of practice.

Credit Cards

Beware Xmas surcharge rip-off

Businesses have been put on notice ahead of the Christmas shopping period, as the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) cracks down on excessive payment surcharging.


Applying for a personal loan

Compared to credit cards, personal loans often have lower interest rates and offer fixed repayment rates. So, if you are planning on applying for a loan, here are some simple tips to ensure that you don’t fall into any financial traps.


Managing money while travelling

Graeme’s Travel SOS is all about how best to handle his finances while travelling – and would like to know if travellers cheques are still a ‘thing’.

Credit Cards

Is there any value in reward cards?

New research reveals that the average value of rewards cards has dropped by 63 per cent since the Reserve Bank’s interchange fee reforms.

Credit Cards

Debit or credit card?

Debit cards are often considered better than credit because you’re using your own money, but if you’re sensible with your spending, which one is best?

Credit Cards

ATM skimming explained

ATM skimming scammers cost Australians close to $40 million a year. Do you know how to protect yourself from ATM skimming?


Four money rules you could break

Money rules exist to keep you on track with your financial security, but there are many ‘truisms’ that may not always deliver. Here are four money rules you could break.


PM takes credit for interest rate cut

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is claiming credit for an ANZ credit card interest rate cut as evidence that his standing committee on economics is working.


Should you really refinance?

Refinancing or consolidating your debt in the New Year is often appealing but is it always the best way to get your finances in order? These five steps will help you to evaluate.

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