Estate planning & wills

Death and dying taboo topics in too many families, report finds

How to have ‘that’ conversation without upsetting the family continues to be difficult.

Safety Online

Protecting your privacy and security after death

Many of us take steps to secure our privacy while we’re alive, but there’s mounting evidence that we should be equally concerned about the privacy and security risks of our data after death.

Planning a funeral

The final app: Sending death into cyberspace

Concerned about the ever-expanding urban sprawl? Here’s how we can free up space.

Health News

What 12 months of voluntary assisted dying has revealed

Health and legal experts explain what is working and what more needs to be done to ease the suffering of those with a terminal health condition.

Grief and Loss

Mum is so clingy after losing dad

Counsellor Fiona Caine offers guidance to a woman who is growing resentful of her widowed mum’s ‘needy’ behaviour.


Sayonara Nakamura: an ode to a perilous profession

A visit to the Japanese cemetery in Broome reveals the fate of many of the early pearl divers.

Mind Your Own Retirement Podcast

Save on funeral costs

We talk with Cale Donovan, co-founder of Bare Cremation, on Mind Your Own Retirement. He tells what’s happening in the industry during this time of COVID-19 limits on gatherings, how we can save on funeral costs and why no-one should equate the cost of a funeral with how much a person is loved.


Climate change not on death certificates but should be, say experts

Heat-related deaths have been so prevalent of late that health experts are calling for the root cause – climate change – to be added to…

Grief and Loss

How to start a conversation about end-of-life care

Australians are renowned for avoiding conversations about our mortality, but Professor Melissa Bloomer says it’s time to face facts and tells how to start.


How coronavirus is changing the grieving process

With our mortality under threat, Cale Donovan talks funerals, costs and end-of-life plans. Does a direct cremation make sense to you?

Health & Ageing

Every photograph tells a story

Burial outfits, sexuality and ageing laid bare are just part of these confronting and inspiring exhibitions.

Legal & General

You’ll be amazed at what constitutes a legally binding will

An unsent SMS, a message on a tractor, a poem: the courts say a valid will can take many forms.

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