Health news

Scientists 'stumble' upon an Alzheimer’s ‘car wash’

Scientists have discovered a pathway that functions like a car wash to prevent the build-up of a toxic protein associated with Alzheimer’s disease.


Living with dementia – one man’s story

Alzheimer’s sufferer Brian LeBlanc explains how he fights the fog.

Aged Care

Is this the future shape of aged and dementia care?

Natasha Chadwick, the 2019 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year, is on a mission to change the way older Australians and those living with dementia care are cared for.


Caring for Mum when the tables turn

For the past five years, Annabelle Carter Short has been the primary caregiver for her mother who has dementia. She describes her experience and what she has learnt on the journey so far.

Mental Health

Simple smartphone game can predict Alzheimer’s early

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, experts agree that early detection is vital. A new smartphone game can help with this early diagnosis.


Common drug shows promise in treating dementia

A prescription drug to treat high blood pressure has shown promise against conditions such as Parkinson’s, Huntington’s and forms of dementia.

Alternative Therapies

An impaired sense of smell often signals cognitive decline, but 'smell training' could help

An impaired sense of smell often signals cognitive decline, but ‘smell training’ can help, studies show.


Dementia finding ‘potentially groundbreaking’: study

Lowering blood pressure is not only good for the heart, but studies are showing it can reduce the risk of dementia.

Mental Health

Prevent dementia with higher levels of daily movement

New findings appearing in the Neurology journal found that higher levels of daily movement were associated with better thinking and memory skills in adults with dementia.


Common gut infection linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s

A fungus previously perceived as harmless can cause memory problems and brain abnormalities that resemble those characteristics of Alzheimer's disease.

Health news

Drinkable ‘cocktail’ may prevent Alzheimer’s disease

Yale University researchers may have stumbled across a drinkable cure for Alzheimer’s, having identified a cocktail of molecules that interferes with the disease and possibly even restores memories.


Researcher urges probe into dementia surgery risk

The possibility of developing dementia as a result of surgery needs to be urgently investigated, according to a department head at London’s UCL Institute of Neurology.

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