The last blockbuster had an end of summer sleepover

Remember renting movies from Blockbuster? These lucky people got to stay the night.


Best day trips from Melbourne

Beautiful beaches, quirky wildlife, spa towns, and spectacular wilderness areas - you'll find all this and more within a few hours’ drive of Melbourne.


Travel does at times confront us and make us squirm

Travel can make us squirm as much as it can help us appreciate our good fortune and the sheer luck of being born in a clean, safe and socially mobile country.


You can now stay in a Buckingham Palace-inspired caravan

Cayton Bay Holiday Park in the UK now offers a caravan decorated to the hilt in the style of Buckingham Palace.


Five of the world's oldest cities

Historical sites are the most intriguing for many travellers. If you need inspiration for a future trip, here are five of the oldest cities in the world.


Where you should travel in 2021, according to your star sign

Where you should travel in 2021, according to your star sign.


Luxury boutique hotel made from vintage train carriages

You could soon stay in a luxury vintage train on a bridge high above the Kruger National Park


Friday Feedback: Who'd like to retire to Costa Rica?

YourLifeChoices members have cast their own vote on the best country to retire in.

Living in retirement

World's top 25 retirement destinations revealed

The 2021 Global Retirement Index rates the world's top 25 retirement destinations across 10 categories, including cost of living, governance, retiree benefits, climate, healthcare, and more.


Yura Yura: Hello and welcome to life told from the other side

The roving drama experience, Spirits of the Red Sands, is thought to be the first of its type in the Indigenous tourism world and tells stories that can't be googled.


Do you know which country these islands belong to?

How many of these islands can you match to the correct country?

Solo Travel

Embrace the future by learning how to hug a tree in Italy

Trentino's combination of forests, fresh air and mountain streams is a tonic for the soul, says Sarah Marshall.

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