What’s wrong with leaping to London in one hop?

While Qantas' new non-stop Perth to London route is good news for those who enjoy a long-haul flight, it could have its shortcomings. So, what's wrong with the big red roo leaping to London in one hop?


What was I thinking going back to Varanasi?

What was meant to be a relaxing escape to Varanasi quickly turned into trying to find my way out of India. It might be the holiest place in India, but Nirvana it certainly is not…


How Donald Trump affects tourism

The election of Donald Trump as US President has many people running for the hills. Today, we look at how Trump will affect tourism to the United States.


Melbourne’s best views from above the treetops

Although well known for its laneways, Melbourne also has a lot going on above the treetops. With views available across the city and the bay, here are what we think are five of the best.


Tom Neal Tacker: Myanmar from Pagan to Mandalay

Myanmar has opened its doors to tourists after being virtually inaccessible for decades. Today, Tom Neal Tacker takes you there. So, sit back, relax and join him on his long journey from Pagan to Mandalay.


The best way to spend two nights in Tokyo

Whether you’re there for a mandatory stopover or a short stay before continuing on to the rest of Japan, there’s no denying that Tokyo offers an endless stream of sights and experiences.


Dreaming of Dubrovnik on the Croatian coast

They call this destination the Pearl of the Adriatic. Situated on Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian Coast, Dubrovnik is one of the finest old towns that you could ever visit.


Castle accommodation: where to sleep like a king or queen

Fancy sleeping in the spot where kings, queens and other members of the royal courts once lay? In these castles, from Ireland to Italy, all this and more is entirely possible.


Travel SOS: how long should I spend in Amsterdam?

Jane has always wanted to visit Amsterdam and she knows there’s loads to do and see, but she doesn’t know how long she should spend there. Lee Mylne offers her some advice.


Travel SOS: top tips on what to see and do in Japan

Jamie has seven days to spend in Japan but with so much to see and do in the Land of the Rising Sun, he needs some direction on how to make the best use of his time. Lee Mylne comes to the rescue.


Cruising: seven of the world’s best cruise ports

Thinking of taking a cruise holiday? While on-board features are a big part of the fun, sometimes it’s pulling into port that really brings an enchanting touch of travel magnificence.


Travel SOS: which are the best Hollywood celebrity tours?

Mary would like to visit LA for some famed Hollywood celebrity tours, but wants to know which ones are the best? Lee Mylne shares her recommendations.

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