Your diet 'personality type' could hold the key to weight-loss success

Scientists identify six major diet 'personality types' that shape the way you eat.


Lowering cholesterol can stop cancer spread: Researchers

Research finds that lowering cholesterol could be the key to neutralising the spread of prostate cancer.

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Study puts coffee in the bad books again, if you drink this much

University research finds 800mg of caffeine per day can increase the risk of osteoporosis.


Are any of these foods causing your indigestion?

The symptoms of indigestion can be severe and debilitating. So which foods should you avoid?


Will a plant-based diet help you live longer?

Studies show one major group can benefit, but there is a catch.


Meat industry wants naming guidelines beefed up

Vegan products muscling in on the meat market have triggered a Senate inquiry into the naming of plant-based foods fit for the barbie.


Aussie supermarkets named and shamed as junk food pushers

Aussie supermarkets have been 'red-flagged' for unethical promotion of unhealthy foods and drinks, and for being a major driver of Australia's obesity epidemic.


Longevity expert says snacks weaken our health

A leading researcher says eating too often can lower our resistance to chronic diseases.


Toast is more digestible than untoasted bread

The choice of bread grain is as important as whether it is toasted or not, but lightly toasted bread has a slightly lower glycemic index, making it more suitable for diabetics.


Blood in stool can mean cancer, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis or ulcers

Blood in your stool should be taken seriously because it could be a signal you have a serious condition such as cancer, diverticulitis or inflammatory bowel disease.


Five vitamins from real foods

We’ve put together a list of five vitamins and minerals you can get from real foods.


Are meat substitutes good for us?

Nearly a quarter of Australians are limiting their meat consumption, but questions are being raised about the nutritional benefits of meat substitutes.

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