Jamie Oliver's My Kinda Butter Chicken

This Jamie Oliver favourite features fragrant spices, tomatoes, cashew butter and yoghurt.


Easy Lamb Kebabs

These Easy Lamb Kebabs are low on calories and full of flavour, and are perfect for fasting days or those looking for a light meal.


Chicken and Mushroom Pie

This delicious Chicken and Mushroom Pie is homestyle baking at its best.


SJ's Savoury Mince Hotpot

It’s one thing to throw everything into a pot and hope for the best, but what if we could assure you that SJ’s method has a guaranteed tasty outcome?


Convenient Cheap Cabbage Rolls, perfect comfort food

Cabbage Rolls are an old-school classic that truly deserve a comeback. They are cheap to make, good for you and you can eat them hot or cold.


Sweet Potato and Tuna Treats – tasty, healthy and cheap

Delicious tuna and sweet potato treats are easy, cheap, crunchy, tasty and healthy. Serve with a fresh green salad and your meal won’t just be good for you, it will taste great, too.


Swedish Meatballs with Mash and Gravy

How would you like a big plate of meatballs doused in gravy with creamy mash? These Swedish Meatballs with Mash are inspired by the famous IKEA recipe and take no time to make.


Friday special – Fish in Paper

Fish wrapped in baking paper is a healthy and easy way to cook, and it will be ready in minutes.


Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken has long been a staple of many a Chinese food order on take-away night, but we reckon our homemade version is much better than what you’ll buy in a restaurant.


Heart Smart Slurpy Noodles

Eating healthily should be a priority for all Australians, but knowing what to cook can be a challenge. Thanks to the Heart Foundation, these tasty noodles will keep your heart healthy.


Veggie Shepherd’s Pie

Who needs meat when your pie is packed with this delicious assortment of spices and veggies?


Simply delicious No-Mess Sausages

Meta description (maximum 200 characters – should contain keywords for SEO) nAdd red wine, rosemary and stock to the pan to turn simple sausages into a gourmet delight for two. n

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