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Centrelink Q&A: How do the volunteer requirements work?

Jane wants to know if volunteering can help her meet her Newstart obligations.

Centrelink – Services Australia

How will injury compensation payments affect the pension?

Jack has had a worker’s compensation claim approved and wants to know how it will affect his pension payments.

Disability Support Pension

How does an inheritance affect the Disability Support Pension?

Jewel expects to receive an inheritance soon and wants to know how her DSP will be affected.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Researchers call for urgent pension review

Disability advocates and researchers are calling for urgent reforms to the Disability Support Pension.

Centrelink – Services Australia

When do you need to inform Centrelink about travel plans?

Clayton receives the disability support pension and wants to know the rules around overseas travel.

Centrelink News

Older Aussies receiving welfare more likely to have poor health

People receiving the Federal Government’s main unemployment and disability benefits are more likely to have multiple health conditions and be hospitalised, according to a major national study.

Centrelink – Services Australia

If I am retired, can my husband claim the DSP?

Susan’s husband has stopped working due to an incurable illness and she wants to know if he will be eligible for a Centrelink payment when she retires.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Q&A: Travel limits unfair, says Narelle

Narelle feels that pension portability rules are discriminatory, so we asked Centrelink to explain why the current rules are in place.

Pension eligibility

Carer Payment: can my son make a claim?

Lee is in need of care, which her son is willing to provide, but she would like to know whether he would need to live with her to be able to claim a Carer Payment.

Disability Support Pension

Payments under Age Pension age

Carol is struggling to continue with work, but as she is not yet of Age Pension age, she would like to know of any payments available to her from Centrelink.

Age Pension payment rates

Pension Supplement explained

There’s still a little confusion about what the Pension Supplement covers. Debbie explains what it is and how much you should be receiving.


Centrelink too busy to answer 42 million calls

According to evidence presented to a Senate estimates hearing, over the past 10 months, more than 42 million calls to Centrelink received an engaged signal.

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