Dividing the assets – who gets custody of your friends?

Dividing the assets of a marriage is complicated, especially when those assets are precious friendships. Deciding who gets custody of mutual friends can be a heartbreaking task, writes Elizabeth Quinn.


The Australian state where your marriage is most likely to fail

Australia’s divorce rate climbed five per cent according to the latest figures realised by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday.

Finance News

Breaking up can lead to massive legal bills

The cost of divorce can be crippling for those nearing retirement or already out of the workforce, thanks to the diminishing opportunity to earn sufficient income to recover from the legal expenses.

Retirement Planning

Could divorce ruin your retirement?

Divorce does not only hurt the heart, but also the wallet and the financial fallout can be even worse for those who divorce later in life.


The Australian state where your marriage is most likely to fail

Australians are marrying later, living together before marriage and divorcing less compared to 20 years ago.


It takes divorcees five years to recover their finances

Divorce doesn’t just take an emotional toll – it also leaves couples in financial turmoil. And a new report reveals it takes Australian divorcees five years to get back on their feet.

Finance News

Surviving a divorce financially

Divorce can be a lengthy and expensive process, so while you wait for it all to be worked out, here are a few steps to help you survive and keep your sanity intact.


Should I go back to my maiden name?

After ending two marriages, Sally would like to revert to her maiden name.

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Life after divorce

Life after divorce, whether by choice or not, can be difficult to come to terms with

Health & Ageing

Your hearing and divorce

New research has revealed that divorce rates are higher between people with some level of hearing damage than those who still have normal hearing, leading researchers to conclude that the two are intimately connected.

Legal & General

Will I get his mother’s money?

YOURLifeChoices member Mary has recently separated from her husband. As she only received a small settlement, she would like to know if she will be entitled to any future inheritance her husband receives.

Murdoch blasts Scientology

When Tom Cruise received divorce papers from his wife Katie Holmes last week, he must have known that media interest in the story and the part played in the breakdown of his marriage by the Church of Scientology, would be tremendous. Yet surely he couldn’t have expected his harshest critic to be the under fire media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who, thanks to a couple of tweets, has made his position on Cruise and Scientology very clear.

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