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Can you share too much information with Centrelink?

Tony lost his part pension eligibility after downsizing his house and wants to know what he can do about it.

Living in retirement

Could downsizing save your retirement?

Almost 40 per cent of respondents to our Financial Literacy Survey said they would consider downsizing to free up income for their retirement. Kaye Fallick explores the good, the bad and the ugly about this tactic.

Finance News

Why older Australians are staying put instead of downsizing

Older Australians who reach retirement age prefer to stay in the family home unless declining health forces them to leave, new research shows.

Centrelink – Services Australia

How long are funds from property sale exempt from pension?

Jan has sold her house, but her new one is still being built. She wants to know how long her funds are exempt from the income and assets tests.

Age Pension

What to do with my money when downsizing

Terry wants to sell his home and has questions about what to do with the money.

Age Pension

How to avoid the pitfalls of downsizing and keep your pension

John has bought a new home as the first step in downsizing and wants to know if his bridging loan will affect his Age Pension payments.


Older Aussies going big on downsizing super contributions

Older Australians downsizing from their family homes have contributed $1 billion to their superannuation funds.


Are you living in the wrong place for your retirement?

A successful retirement requires several elements. Where you live is vitally important. Here are the signs you might be living in the wrong place for your retirement.

Pension eligibility

Beware these pension pitfalls before deciding to downsize

David is considering downsizing but is worried about what will happen with his pension payments.

Finance News

The top 10 places to retire outside of the city

Canstar has curated a list of 10 popular retirement havens, based on house price and proximity to essential services needed by most older people.

Finance News

The four rules you need to follow when planning renovations

There are a number of traps when you are planning a property renovation, but if you follow these four golden rules, you should be able to avoid the worst of them.


How does Harry gauge whether he should downsize?

The new downsizing legislation has been in operation for almost a month and Harry thinks he understands the pros and cons, but he asks finance expert Noel Whittaker for his advice.

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