Motoring experts explains how to 'hear' what your car is telling you

Your car is constantly talking to you, says motoring expert Paul Murrell, who reveals how you can listen to what your car is trying to tell you.


How to prevent your car looking prematurely old

A car with well-maintained paintwork will always look younger than one with chips and scratches. But how do you protect that precious and vulnerable finish?


The top five mistakes made by older drivers

A university study identified problem tasks, then tested older drivers to see if they learnt from their mistakes. Motoring expert Paul Murrell outlines where they failed.


Should you spend extra money on premium fuel?

Premium fuel costs considerably more than non-premium fuel. Motoring writer Paul Murrell tells whether spending those extra dollars is better for your car.


Are our roadworks speed limits too low?

Ever slowed down for roadworks where there was not a worker in attendance? Should we adopt the UK system?


Are they going to take away your right to drive?

Driving is and has been a major part of our lives, and losing the freedom to go where you want, when you want, can have a devastating effect on lifestyle.


Are you being ripped off at the petrol bowser?

Why are pump prices in many places still so high?


How to ensure your car is in tip-top shape for a long trip

Motoring expert Paul Murrell reveals the keys to a smooth and uneventful journey.


How to clean your car to limit virus spread

We’re urged to wash our hands regularly, wear gloves to handle fruit and vegies and practise self-distancing. But have you been cleaning key elements of your vehicle? Motoring writer Paul Murrell tells what we must do.


Are 'smart' cars creating dumb drivers?

Driving experts fear technology is breeding a generation of complacent drivers.


A guide to crossing the Nullarbor

The best pitstops to check out along along Australia's longest road.


Study calls for assessment of ‘unsafe’ older drivers

Despite figures showing older drivers are involved in fewer serious or fatal crashes, the call for more regular testing continues.

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