What you must do when an emergency vehicle approaches

Here's a simple guide to staying safe when making way for an emergency vehicle.


Reader enquiry: Can you access speed camera data?

Motoring expert Paul Murrell explains whether you can access the speed calibration data on the speed camera that caught you exceeding the speed limit.


Two common car questions answered

What should I do if my diesel car runs out of fuel? Should I turn off the a/c when sitting in traffic? Motoring ace Paul Murrell explains.


Should you spend extra money on premium fuel?

Premium fuel costs considerably more than non-premium fuel. Motoring writer Paul Murrell tells whether spending those extra dollars is better for your car.


Can you challenge a speeding fine?

Can you blame your cruise control for your speeding fine? Motoring expert Paul Murrell explains how to potentially challenge a speeding fine.


Even good drivers make mistakes

Most people consider themselves a good driver, but statistically this can’t be true. Here are 11 common mistakes even good drivers make.


Are our roadworks speed limits too low?

Ever slowed down for roadworks where there was not a worker in attendance? Should we adopt the UK system?


Are they going to take away your right to drive?

Driving is and has been a major part of our lives, and losing the freedom to go where you want, when you want, can have a devastating effect on lifestyle.


Carmakers want to replace excises with a tax on how far you drive

The car industry wants a major nationwide overhaul of vehicle registration, stamp duty, licence fees and fuel excise, replacing them with a tax for every kilometre you drive.


Are 'smart' cars creating dumb drivers?

Driving experts fear technology is breeding a generation of complacent drivers.


Why you turn down the radio when you're trying to park your car?

Turn down for what? Why you turn down the radio when you're trying to park your car


The rules and the telltale signs that you're too old to drive

Whether you are thinking about your own licence or are concerned about a relative's driving ability, here's what you need to consider.

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