The rules and the telltale signs that you’re too old to drive

Whether you are thinking about your own licence or are concerned about a relative's driving ability, here's what you need to consider.


How you can sit out backache

Prolonged sitting can place increased stress and strain on your body. Physiotherapist Jason Lee offers these simple rules to keep you pain-free.


Reader inquiry: Can I access speed camera data?

Dan has asked motoring expert Paul Murrell whether he can access the speed calibration data on the speed camera that caught him exceeding the speed limit.


Motoring tips from the expert

Motoring writer Paul Murrell wants to make sure your travels over the holiday season and beyond are as safe as possible. He tells host John Deeks what we should know about tyres and tyre pressure, different types of fuel, how to avoid road rage and even the importance of sunglasses.


Even good drivers make mistakes

Most people consider themselves a good driver, but statistically this can’t be true. Here are 11 common mistakes even good drivers make.


Driving less? Your tyres may suffer

During the current pandemic, many of us are driving less than usual, either because we’re working from home, limited in where we can travel or simply leaving the car in the garage.

Self-drive holidays

Most popular car hire brands

A study has revealed the world’s most popular car brands to hire. You may be surprised by which brands – and models – tourists choose to travel in. Can you guess number one?


Are our roadworks speed limits too low?

Ever slowed down for roadworks where there was not a worker in attendance? Should we adopt the UK system?


How not to become a road rage target

Impatience can be a dangerous emotion – particularly on the road.


Driving with a dog makes you safer

A recent study in the UK has shown travelling with a dog in the car makes drivers more likely to drive with greater care. It even reduces stress behind the wheel.


Explained: E10 fuel

Is E10 fuel bad for your car? What happens if you put it into your fuel tank by mistake? Motoring pundit Paul Murrell tells you everything you need to know about E10 fuel.

Health & Ageing

Should older drivers be tested more?

A study published in an international medical journal backs the use of off-road screening tests to identify older drivers who may be unsafe.

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