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Are energy giants working to prevent lower power bills?

Expert explains how the wholesale electricity market works and why it must be changed quickly.


New rules guard against gas and electricity ‘rip-offs’

Energy users are set to benefit from more clarity and fairness on their energy bills.


Power bills set to be slashed in almost every state and territory

Your power bills are set to drop, with the cost of electricity forecast to decrease significantly in almost every state and territory over the next three years, says the Australian Energy Market Commission.


PM announces his plan to slash power prices

The Prime Minister is set to announce a $102 million plan to slash power prices and protect Australians from blackouts, with new technology that will connect the east coast power grids.

Finance News

Are you still paying too much for your electricity?

What’s the price of loyalty? Potentially hundreds of dollars a year. So why stick with an overpriced energy provider, when with a few clicks, you could compare and see how much you could save on your power bills?

Finance News

When’s the last time you compared your electricity provider? It could be costing you

Are you wasting money on electricity? Is your energy plan competitive and best for your needs? Why not find out? Join over 180,000 Australians who Econnex has helped save on electricity in just the last year and see how much you can save! n


Australians are paying for the Libs’ denialist ways: former PM

‘The Liberal Party has just proved itself incapable of dealing with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in any sort of systematic way,’ says former PM.


Is your power discount in jeopardy?

Report warns that energy companies may look to shore up profits by dropping discount plans.

Finance News

Are you loyal to your energy retailer? It could be costing you

Over-55s are more likely to have stayed loyal to their gas and electricity retailers – and have paid through the nose for that loyalty. So how can you break the loyalty trap and get the rates you deserve?


Immediate cuts to power bills

Following political pressure from the Coalition Government, several electricity companies –including the big three – have committed to passing on savings to long-time customers.


Another state aims to help you save on energy bills

Hard on the heels of the Victorian Government offering $50 to anyone who compares their energy provider, the New South Wales Government has announced another cost-saving initiative.


State Government offering $50 for comparing your energy provider

The Victorian Government wants to pay you $50 to compare your energy provider and get a cheaper power bill from its Victorian Energy Compare website.

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