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Hurry to change power companies and save hundreds

The consumer watchdog has urged Australians not to wait a moment more before shopping for a better electricity pricing deal.


Aussies want power prices regulated, Government not listening

A new Guardian Essential poll shows a clear majority of Australians support increased regulation of energy prices and investment in renewable energy.


Electricity prices likely to rise after power plant shutdown

Whether or not AGL is convinced to keep the Liddell power station operating after its 2022 use-by date, one thing is certain – electricity prices will continue rising.


Smart home technology: Not the brightest way to save energy

A new study by RMIT University has found smart home control devices may be increasing energy use rather than cutting it, with households using them more for lifestyle benefits than to save power.


Hospitals and households being rocked by power bill shock

Hospitals and health care facilities are the latest victims of power bill shock caused by Australia’s rising electricity costs.

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Australians are dissatisfied with the cost and reliability of electricity

Energy Consumers Australia has released the findings of its third national survey of energy markets, revealing that Australians are concerned about the future cost and reliability of electricity.


Energy companies gouging consumers

According to a recent study, the electricity you actually use makes up just 11 per cent of your power bill, with up to 45 per cent going towards your provider’s retail competition margin.

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Cut electricity and water costs

Electricity and water are the two largest expenses of any household. With a little forward planning, you can drastically reduce your household costs.

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Discount energy plans

Victorian seniors are being encouraged to take advantage of big savings now available on electricity and gas bills through the Victorian Seniors Card program.

Stem cell breakthrough

Whenever the words ‘stem cells’ are used, ethical and controversial comments follow.

Electricity prices predicted to soar

Electricity prices projected to increase by 14 per cent this financial year

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Electricity and gas bills are on the rise…

Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing around the country. The rate rises are especially affecting pensioners and those on fixed incomes. YOURLifeChoices is committed to helping you reduce your power bills and make your life that little bit easier.

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