Finance News

Discount energy plans

Victorian seniors are being encouraged to take advantage of big savings now available on electricity and gas bills through the Victorian Seniors Card program.

Stem cell breakthrough

Whenever the words ‘stem cells’ are used, ethical and controversial comments follow.

Electricity prices predicted to soar

Electricity prices projected to increase by 14 per cent this financial year

Finance News

Electricity and gas bills are on the rise…

Electricity and gas prices are skyrocketing around the country. The rate rises are especially affecting pensioners and those on fixed incomes. YOURLifeChoices is committed to helping you reduce your power bills and make your life that little bit easier.

PM push to cut power bills

Julia Gillard will meet with state premiers on Friday 7 December at the Council of Australian Governments in Canberra and top of the agenda will be getting sign off for reforms which could cut household power bills by $250 per year.

Lower electricity prices?

Yesterday the Federal Government released its Energy White Paper 2012 . Intended to transform Australia’s production and use of energy in the coming decades, the paper explores ways to provide accessible, reliable and competitively priced energy for all Australians.

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