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Pension overhaul needed for older Aussies to return to work

Major structural changes to the Age Pension are needed to encourage older Australians to return to work, experts say.


Who does the most unpaid work around your house?

Annual survey finds a shocking disparity in unpaid labour – and it's getting worse.


ANZ CEO calls for businesses to hire more older Australian workers

ANZ CEO Shayne Elliott has called for businesses to employ more older Australian workers in the wake of pandemic labour shortages.


Older workers can offset economic impacts of population ageing

A new research brief published by the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research says Australia needs to dismantle barriers facing older workers.


Ageism in the workforce is bad and getting worse

Being over 50 and overweight will make finding a job that much harder, says HR expert. And age discrimination commissioner Dr Kay Patterson agrees.


Half of Australian employers admit to cut-off ages when hiring

The age at which a person is considered an older worker is now up to 10 years younger and many employers have admitted to cut-off ages when hiring 'older' people, new research has revealed.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Big boost in profits for some companies receiving JobKeeper subsidy

It seems most of the ASX-listed companies that received JobKeeper subsidies didn’t need it, and most of them are keeping the money.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Older Aussies falling through the cracks in 'silent crisis'

The silent crisis putting these older Australians on the scrapheap.

Finance News

Some cash payments could land pensioners in trouble

Failing to declare some cash payments can land part-time pensioners in hot water with the taxation office.


Being good at your job won't stop age discrimination

Research reveals how and why managers generally mark down older job applicants.


Women earning $25,000 less than men

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency's latest report says all industries still have a gender pay gap that favours men and almost half of all employers are refusing to take action to address it.

Health news

Report tells why ageing populations are an asset

The International Longevity Centre has urged governments to invest in preventative healthcare to maximise the potential of older people.

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