‘Lucky country’ not the ‘smart country’

Peter Leith looks back on a lifetime of working for Australian manufacturing companies and why that career path is no longer possible.

Living in retirement

Retirement ‘types’ – which one are you?

Retirement is not a simple transition for many. Retirement coach Jon Glass says there are four broad ‘types’ and reveals their challenges.

Banking & Investment

How to prepare if your job is shaky

Financial adviser Helen Baker tells what you should be doing to weather financial hardship.


50 and working? Your days may be numbered

A Lancet study of healthy working life expectancy in England finds that, on average, people can expect to be healthy and in work for only nine-and-a-half years after the age of 50.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Road gets rockier for older jobless

The plight of older Australians who lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic has been highlighted in a University of New South Wales ‘roadmap to recovery’.

‘Slow’ driver sues Deliveroo

Deliveroo sacked Diego Franco via email after claiming he took too long to deliver food to customers. Now he's taking them to court, in what could end up as a test case with expensive consequences for companies in the gig economy.

Age Pension

Is part-time work right for you?

Approaching retirement or already retired and wondering whether to work part-time? Retired actuary John De Ravin crunches the numbers – and assesses the psychological aspects of such a move – to help you decide.


Old and on the scrapheap

An ever-increasing number of older Australians are unemployed, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, just when they could be building a nest egg.


Crisis facing one in two boomers

Almost one in two baby boomers believes their age is the reason employers have been rejecting their job applications, according to a new report by professional networking site LinkedIn.

Age Pension

Tax changes for older workers?

More age pensioners are being forced to work in order to stave off pension poverty, according to new University of Tasmania research.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Is long service leave income?

Noreta has recently retired and wants to know whether her long service leave counts as employment income.

Jobs for Seniors

What older workers want

A new report finds that mature workers feel excluded, have limited development opportunities and battle inflexible work arrangements.

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