It’s time for Australia to be more energy efficient

Renters in Victoria soon won’t have to deal with dodgy heaters and insulation. Now other states must get energy-efficient. Alan Pears, RMIT University Renters will…


Solar panel fire season is all year round, but getting more intense

In the past five years, solar panel-related fires have increased five-fold, fire chief warns.

Finance News

Federal Energy Minister announces major energy bill overhaul

New draft guidelines announced by the Australian Energy Market Commission aim to make energy bills more user-friendly and provide increased protection for consumers.


What are the different types of solar panels? Which is best for you?

Everything that you need to consider before committing to solar panels.

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Mum and dad renewable energy projects take off

People power: everyday Australians are building their own renewables projects, and you can too


10 ways to increase your energy

Are you feeling tired, sluggish, fatigued or simply disinterested in things that used to excite you? These 10 tips will help to boost your energy and reclaim your get-up-and-go.


Energy companies get ultimatum to pass on lower prices

Federal energy minister Angus Taylor warns electricity retailers to pass on savings to consumers or the ACCC will take action.


Energy poverty grows for Australians forced home by coronavirus

Energy poverty is hitting 30 per cent of Australians forced to stay home by coronavirus, with households using 16 per cent more electricity than last winter.


'Like having a truck idling in your living room': the toxic cost of wood-fired heaters

Recent bushfires may have raised awareness of air quality and pollution, but the toxic cost of wood-fired heaters in homes is being overlooked.

Finance News

Are energy giants working to prevent lower power bills?

Expert explains how the wholesale electricity market works and why it must be changed quickly.

Federal Government

Why the HomeBuilder package misses the mark

Scheme could have helped make our homes more sustainable and cheaper to run.


Keeping your home winter-proof will save you money

A few pre-winter home maintenance tasks carried out now will ensure you keep your energy bills from soaring, your home’s components efficient and your property safe during the colder months.

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