Seven of the most stylish moments in Sofia Coppola’s films

Ms Coppola is known for her visually stunning films that feature epic costumes, decadent sets and superb soundtracks.


Stanley Tucci on breaking new ground in dementia film

Stanley Tucci on facing his own mortality and breaking new ground with mature same-sex relationships in film.


Iconic dance scenes from beloved movies

From Dirty Dancing to Napoleon Dynamite, these musical numbers will get your feet tapping.


The legendary Diana Ross announces new album

From her smash hits to her trendsetting looks, the singer's legacy is undeniable, writes Prudence Wade.

Travel News

Travel-themed board games for those with itchy feet

These travel-inspired board games will help soothe the desperate need for a holiday.


Salma Hayek on being an action star at 54

Salma Hayek is somewhat in shock at the idea that she is becoming an action star at the age of 54.


Lost in translation

These warning signs from places all over the globe show just how funny the English language can be when it’s lost in translation.

Seniors Finance

Things you only know if you’re extremely frugal

How frugal are you? Read our list to see how many frugal day-to-day things you can identify with.


How to see tonight’s conjunction of Venus and Mars in the evening sky

Venus has returned to our evening skies and is looking lovely in the north-west after sunset.


Unique positives of being an older parent

Naomi Campbell has recently become a mum at 50. Here's why being an older parent is a great thing.


The films set to roar into cinemas in the second half of 2021

The next in The Matrix series, another James Bond and a Ghostbusters! There's plenty to like about upcoming new releases.


Do quokkas really throw their babies at predators to escape?

Australia's animals are wild, wonderful and sometimes misunderstood. Here are a few unusual animal behaviours explained.

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