Win a double pass to see Michael Caine's funny new film Best Sellers

Michael Caine plays a reclusive, cantankerous, booze-addled, once best-selling author who may be the key to saving a young publisher's failing business.

Travel News

Tourism slogans: The good, the bad and the ugly

Nations create slogans for themselves to attract tourists. Some of them nail it, others miss the mark a little.


Gifts for everyone in your life, based on their star sign

Christmas is coming. Luckily, knowing someone's zodiac sign can help you choose the perfect present.


The most stylish Bond girls through history

Ana de Armas, Halle Berry and Ursula Andress are included among the most stylish Bond girls through history.


Stream the best of British TV, free for seven days

Tired of 'crap TV'? Want to find critically acclaimed mysteries, award-winning dramas and the newest seasons of fan favourites from Britain and beyond. Why not try Acorn TV for free?


Bert: a comedian always in search of ‘a good ending’

The late Bert Newton, an icon of Australian broadcasting, is remembered as a master performer and comedian.

Book Reviews

Books guaranteed to make you cry

In need of some catharsis? Try these emotionally charged books guaranteed to make you cry.


Three side-splitting jokes about monkeys

Let’s face it, monkeys often make us laugh, so here are two simian jokes that are sure to get you chuckling.

Travel News

Unusual ice cream flavours around the world

You can now get mac and cheese ice cream. Here are eight other unusual flavours from around the world.


Friday Funnies: Doctor vs the lawyer

Who wins when a lawyer attempts to pocket $100 in a tussle with a GP?


Fabulous ABBA outfits we'd still wear today

As ABBA reunites for a new album, here are some of the band's most fabulous outfits we'd still wear today - and some we'd likely skip.


Nine of the most unfortunate place names in the world

From Idiotville to Hell: Nine places around the world with extremely unfortunate names.

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