Why you shouldn't feel guilty about eating chocolate today

Here's why it's okay to indulge at Easter. It's only once a year after all.


Why not an Easter platypus or Easter echidna?

Why do we have Easter eggs and an Easter bunny? We crack this rather strange tradition.


Top three eggcellent Easter jokes

Lent is just about over so before you break out the eggs, enjoy our lighter take on the holiday period.


Hillary Clinton and other pollies who've tried their hand at fiction

The former US secretary of state joins the ranks of Winston Churchill and Jimmy Carter.


Re-examining the Roswell incident

We take another look at America's favourite UFO conspiracy, the Roswell incident.


Most popular baby names in Australia since 1950

We take a look back at the most popular baby names over the decades.


Liv's all-time favourite Funnies

We've compiled our favourite jokes of all time, do you agree?


Cruella de Vil and five other stylish Disney villains

As the trailer for Cruella is released, here are five other Disney villains that look great on screen.


Friday Funnies: Horror and humour

What did the scary old lady say when she found a gold cauldron? I'm gonna be witch!


Extraordinary facts about snakes

We have around 140 species of land snake and around 32 species of sea snake in Australia. Here are some interesting facts about them.


The world's first 'museum of hangovers' has opened in Croatia

Hangovers and museums are rarely a winning combination, but the Museum of Hangovers in Croatian capital Zagreb is hoping to provide a little hair of the dog.


Billy Connolly: I don't want to be on stage with Parkinson's

Sir Billy Connolly is a stand-up megastar - an all-time great. He tells Georgia Humphreys about his decision to step back from performing live.

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