Estate planning & wills

Seven items your estate plan may have left out

If your goal is to look out for your loved ones, consider tackling these additional estate-planning jobs, says finance specialist Christine Benz.

Estate planning & wills

Wills made simple a success

How much do you really know about creating a will? Are you part of the 50 per cent who don’t have one? You’ll know more than enough to get started after watching our Wills Made Simple webinar.

Estate planning & wills

Could an online will work for you?

Many of us put off making or updating a will, but we all know we shouldn’t. Aaron Zelman, co-founder of, offers a simple solution.

Estate planning & wills

Are ‘homemade’ updates to a will valid?

YourLifeChoices members have queries about ‘homemade’ alterations to a will and a plan to pass on half a home to ‘children’. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich explains how they should proceed.


COVID heaps pressure on estate planning

Wills and estates specialist Adeline Schiralli tells why we can’t delay when it comes to getting our affairs in order – and keeping them that way.

Legal & General

Explained: Creating your own will

Around half of all Australians don’t have a will, leaving their families and assets unprotected. With this simple checklist, the process of creating your will does not have to be complicated.

Estate planning & wills

Providing for the grandchildren

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions on trust funds and executors.

Estate planning & wills

Are you being cut out of a will?

Candice is worried her mother is trying to cut her out of her will. What can she do to remedy the situation?

Estate planning & wills

Will stepfather have final say?

Can the new will of a stepfather drawn up after the death of his wife – excluding her children from any inheritance in favour of the stepfather’s only child – be contested? Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich has the answer.

Legal & General

Desperately seeking lost estate

When matters of wills and legacies cross state lines and relate to years gone by, the difficulties are multiplied. Gavin* asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for help.

Legal & General

The many guises of a valid will

An unsent SMS, a message on a tractor, a poem: the courts say a valid will can take many forms.


Creating a will without legal help?

Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich offers guidance to Arty, who wants to know if he can create a will without seeking legal advice.

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