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Your queries about executors answered

We all need to ensure we have end-of-life plans in place in a timely fashion to minimise the pain for relatives. YourLifeChoices receives many questions about executors and estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich always has the answers.

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Is there a safe way to block estranged child from will?

Can Angie block an estranged daughter from her will without consigning her other children to a drawn-out challenge? Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich has the answer.

Estate planning & wills

Common mistakes when writing your will

Industry expert Aaron Zelman has seen it all and shares the key areas where people most often slip up.

Estate planning & wills

Seven items your estate plan may have left out

If your goal is to look out for your loved ones, consider tackling these additional estate-planning jobs, says finance specialist Christine Benz.

Estate planning & wills

How to create a will – simply and affordably

How much do you really know about creating a will? Are you part of the 50 per cent who don’t have one? You’ll know more than enough to get started after watching our Wills Made Simple webinar.

Estate planning & wills

Could an online will work for you?

Many of us put off making or updating a will, but we all know we shouldn’t. Aaron Zelman, co-founder of, offers a simple solution.

Estate planning & wills

Are ‘homemade’ updates to a will valid?

YourLifeChoices members have queries about ‘homemade’ alterations to a will and a plan to pass on half a home to ‘children’. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich explains how they should proceed.


Nothing like a pandemic to put pressure on estate planning

Wills and estates specialist Adeline Schiralli tells why we can’t delay when it comes to getting our affairs in order – and keeping them that way.

Legal & General

Explained: A simple checklist for creating your own will

Around half of all Australians don’t have a will, leaving their families and assets unprotected. With this simple checklist, the process of creating your will does not have to be complicated.

Estate planning & wills

How to set up a fund for the grandchildren; how to find an executor

Estate planning expert Rod Cunich answers your questions on trust funds and executors.

Estate planning & wills

How can you tell if you are being left out of a will?

Candice is worried her mother is trying to cut her out of her will. What can she do to remedy the situation?

Estate planning & wills

Will stepfather have the final say with his new will?

Can the new will of a stepfather drawn up after the death of his wife – excluding her children from any inheritance in favour of the stepfather’s only child – be contested? Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich has the answer.

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