Must see: Italy’s food theme park

Stop what you’re doing. This is not a drill. Just when you thought Italy couldn’t get any more appealing, it’s getting a food theme park worth $106 million.


Two days and €200 in Madrid

With a surprising shortage of travel guides, Madrid’s sprawling nature can make it hard to know where to start. Which is where I come in. Here's how to do Madrid in two days on €200.


Europe’s best spa spots

European cities are undoubtedly among the most desirable places to visit, but when all that pavement pounding becomes too much for your tired legs, these top spa spots should be your next stop.


Checking in: Hotel Ravesi, Salina

Easily one of the most beautiful places I've ever been privileged enough to go in all my travels, Hotel Ravesi is honeymoon and bucket list material rolled into one.


The perfect time to cruise Europe

There has never been a better time to cruise around northern Europe, and thanks to a fantastic offer from Holland America Line you can fly return from $999.


Which Italian city is right for you?

When it comes to Italy, the country quite literally has something for everyone. So how do you decide which Italian city is for you? Here’s a summary of the top five to help you choose.


The world’s most colourful cities

There’s no shortage of exciting and fascinating destinations in the world, but these six cities stand out for their vibrancy and remarkable colours


The world’s best bar is in London…

The best bar in the world has just been announced and is one that’s rather well known to our resident Londoner, SJ. But does she agree with the verdict?


The next must-visit European country

Croatia may still be finding its feet when it comes to tourism, but SJ thinks these five reasons make this overlooked Balkan gem a must for the top of the list on your next Euro trip.


Two days and 200 Euro in Florence

Famed as a centre of wealth for centuries, Florence need not cost a fortune. Here’s how to make the most of the Tuscan capital for less than 200 Euros and in just 24 hours.


Zipping through Paris and London

Forget tripping around the pavements of some of Europe’s most popular cities – the latest trend in travel will give you a whole new perspective of your destination.


Five Cheapest European Cities

Before you rule out a trip to the northern hemisphere, or throw away your life savings to get some sun on your bones, make sure you read this.

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