Victoria’s new assisted dying laws one week away

Pharmacists from The Alfred hospital in Melbourne will mix and deliver the lethal doses when Victoria’s assisted dying legislation comes into effect.


Overwhelming number of members support assisted dying

Assisted dying legislation has been given a resounding tick by an overwhelming majority of YourLifeChoices members in our weekly poll.


Police conduct euthanasia raids on the elderly

Acting on instruction from the Australian Federal Police, Queensland police have initiated a series of night-time raids on retirement villages.


Victoria becomes the first state to legalise assisted dying

Voluntary euthanasia laws have been passed by State Parliament, with the new rules regarding assisted dying to take effect from June 2019.


Voluntary euthanasia laws pass Victoria’s Upper House

After a marathon 28-hour parliamentary sitting, Australia’s first voluntary euthanasia laws have passed Victoria’s Upper House, bringing the state closer to becoming the first to legalise assisted dying.


Assisted dying Bill passes the Victorian Parliament lower house.

What does the new assisted dying Bill really mean for older Victorians – and possibly all older Australians – should other states follow Victoria’s lead?


Victorians would be able to seek medically assisted death from 2019

An expert panel has recommended that from 2019, Victorians with advanced or incurable illnesses be allowed to seek a medically assisted death.


Victorian Government to vote on legalised euthanasia

The Victorian Government could be the first Australian state to legalise euthanasia, with Premier Daniel Andrews this week saying his government will provide “a way forward”.


Anthony Albanese lends his voice to euthanasia debate

The push for legalising voluntary euthanasia gained a major supporter yesterday, with Labor’s Anthony Albanese adding his voice to the discussion.

Federal Election 2016

Voluntary euthanasia: back in the Election 2016 spotlight

The voluntary euthanasia debate is back in the spotlight and promises to be a hot-button issue over the coming weeks with the Voluntary Euthanasia Party (VEP) announcing candidates for Election 2016.


Euthanasia plans being put in place by baby boomers

Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke has claimed that a growing number of older Australians are exploring the process of ‘rational suicide’ in order to control the timing and method of their end of life.


Euthanasia back in the spotlight

A lively debate on the ABC’s Q&A last night has once again pushed the subject of voluntary assisted dying into the spotlight.

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