Health news

Light exercise for four hours a week increases stroke survivability

People recovering from stroke who walk or garden for just three to four hours per week could lower their risk of death by up to 54 per cent.


Five-minute breathing exercise better for heart than a workout: study

A five-minute breathing exercise has been found to benefit your heart health as much as a 30-minute workout.


The physical and mental health benefits of fishing

Dwayne Johnson has shared that he uses fishing to 'decompress' but the wellbeing benefits don't stop there.


Podcast: Move it or lose it

Host John Deeks speaks with fitness guru Rhonda Collins about exercise and ageing.


What is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Can you reverse it?

Around 20 per cent of Australians over the age of 75 have osteoporosis. So, what is osteoporosis and why does it matter? Physiotherapist Kate Roberts explains how to prevent and manage osteoporosis.


Why is low back pain such a pain? How can you fix it?

For better or for worse, some people live with low back pain and accept it as part of their daily lives. But they don't have to - not if they follow these simple tips, says physiotherapist Kate Roberts.

Pain Management

New trial to test age-old theory - and beat back pain

YourLifeChoices and a Sydney University research team want to help older Australians manage musculoskeletal pain, stay active, thrive - and beat back pain.


Friday Reflection: Exercising mind and body

Jim McNeilly tells how he keeps boredom at bay while thrashing out the laps.

Health news

Data shows Aussies 'alarmingly complacent' about exercise

In a Heart Foundation survey of more than 7000 Australian adults, two in three said they knew that exercise could lower their risk of heart disease, but few met the physical activity guidelines.

Health news

Study finds a strong coffee before exercising increases fat burning

Scientists have shown that caffeine ingested half an hour before aerobic exercise significantly increases the rate of fat burning.

Health news

Study shows link between exercise and heightened immunity

Research confirms exercise can stimulate bone growth and boost the production of immune cells.


How to … sharpen your memory at any age

It's never too late to improve and sharpen your memory. It's easier than you think.

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