The long-distance grandparent

When you’re unable to travel and visit family interstate because of COVID-19, videos and photos add joy to every day.


Why we should take nothing for granted

We set occasional YourLifeChoices columnist Steve Perkin a challenge to find us some good news to lighten our day. He succeeded – sort of.


Make family video calls more fun

From games night to virtual story time, here are some ways to liven up family video calls.


Our feathered family

A very hungry ‘extended family’ provides great company in Peter Leith’s household.


Connect with the family this Easter

With technology nowadays, it’s all too easy to have a group video chat from your smart phone or computer. These are the best apps you can use to connect to your family.


Why board games are booming

We explain the attraction of board games and the emerging trends in the new releases.


Coping with the family at Christmas

We love them. We really do. In fact, we can’t emphasise just how much we love them. But our extended families may not be the people we’d pick first to spend a whole day across the table from … or even the second, third or fourth pick.


Quirky Cup Day connections

Self-confessed plant murderer Elizabeth Quinn shares how Cup Day links three generations of woman in her family.

Grief and Loss

Why every life story is worth recording

‘Legacy’ could take the mystery out of the great adventure that is life.


The reluctant grandmother

When Elizabeth Quinn’s first born produced his first baby, she wondered if she was ready to be a grandmother.


A mother’s love

Through her son’s troubles, a mother’s support never wanes.


Avoiding conflict at Christmas

Christmas. A time that’s meant to bring families together, often serves as the backdrop to some pretty big familial dramas. So why does this conflict happen and how can you avoid it this year?

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