Friday Funnies cracks the file on our financially focused fiscal friends

Enjoy these jokes at the expense of our financially focused fiscal friends.

Superannuation News

‘Government attacks on super deliberate and calculated’: Labor

Shadow treasurer Jim Chalmers has foreshadowed that the government will scrap the legislated increases of the superannuation guarantee from 9.5 per cent to 12 per…

Finance News

Australians are missing out on $500 million in electricity savings

The price of electricity is falling, but households are missing out on $500 million in savings by failing to switch to cheaper deals, new analysis…

Seniors Finance

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Noel Whittaker reveals his investing rules

Even Noel Whittaker says he finds investing difficult, so these simple guidelines from his latest book are a must-read.

Federal Government

‘Trumpism’ in Australia has been overstated

Will Australia ever fall victim to a Trump-style politician? If you enjoy our content, don’t keep it to yourself. Share our free eNews with your…

Banking & Investment

Customers shut out as bank branches close

The needs of some bank customers appear to be being neglected as the big banks shut up shop and move more of their business online.…

Superannuation News

Cutting super would result in massive tax hike, report finds

The potential scrapping of the legislated superannuation guarantee rise from 9.5 per cent to 12 per cent by 2025 would come at a significant cost…


What is the Consumer Price Index and how does it work?

The Consumer Price Index is an important economic indicator, especially for retirees. But how does it work and how is it measured?

Superannuation News

That extra you're about to get in super, most of it will come from you

There's something odd about those television and internet advertisements telling us we are getting more super.

Seniors Finance

Financial advisers fight back as their numbers plummet

Financial planners are furious with the government's ratcheting up of compliance and costs, and plan to target Liberal MPs at the next election.


Avoid these money mistakes and save

A finance expert highlights five money mistakes to watch out for.

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