Hidden dangers lurking in your kitchen

Consumer group CHOICE is encouraging Australians to check their kitchens for recalled appliances, warning of burns, lacerations and even risk of explosion.


The costly mistake most property investors make

Data shows that Australian property investors often make one large and costly mistake - a great deal of them overlook depreciation, a particularly lucrative tax deduction.


How we can make better use of Australian airports

Airports haven't seen much action in the past 12 months, but they could still be working for us.

Health news

Health professions are the most highly regarded in Australia

Health professions are still the most highly regarded in Australia.

Finance News

Scammers impersonating defence personnel to con online buyers

Scammers have begun impersonating defence personnel to con online car buyers.

Finance News

Standard tax deduction could save time and money

There are a few good reasons 1 July isn't celebrated with the gusto of 1 January. Despite the lure of a juicy refund, the new financial year task of completing your tax return is one of those reasons for many people.

Superannuation News

Is your super fund heading for a double-digit year?

Super funds' astonishing COVID bounceback continues, with the median growth fund (61 to 80 per cent in growth assets) up 1.9 per cent for the month of March and 3.1 per cent over the quarter.


How the water and sewage under your feet could flood your home

Some flood dangers can be less visible - to planners, developers and homebuyers. Sometimes, the danger comes from groundwater beneath the surface.

Finance News

Big four banks dragged to court over credit 'rort'

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is taking Westpac to court.

Superannuation News

Super fund recovery steps up pace

Long-term trends such as the digitisation of economies and work automation - themes sped up by the pandemic - may prove to have a big impact on the growth of retirement savings.

Finance News

Financial advisers lobby for permanent reduction in regulation

The financial services industry wants consumer protection laws watered down, claiming the demands of red tape are pushing the cost of financial advice beyond most Australians.

Finance News

Can financial stress lead to physical pain in later years?

Researchers have found that early stress can have an impact decades later.

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