Super funds on track for double digits return for 2021

As the end of the year approaches, super funds look set to deliver stunning returns.

Finance News

Can you save the environment and money at the same time?

New tech helps the environment and saves you thousands – at the same time.

Health Insurance

The Australian state paying the highest health insurance premiums

Victorians are paying up to 25 per cent more for health insurance than other states and territories, according to new comparison data.

Retirement Income

Retiree costs rising at a blinding pace: report

Retirees copping a raw deal as retirement costs post biggest quarterly increase in a decade, say ASFA and YLC figures.

Banking & Investment

Get free top stock market ideas and analysis every single day

How would you like to start receiving top stock market ideas and analysis every single day — entirely free of charge? That's what you get with Money Morning – it may even help build your nest egg, too!


Over-55s are languishing without work, sparking calls for change

A report finds older Australians are over-represented in the long-term unemployment statistics.


Shrinking backyards could be making your suburb hotter

Demand for housing has led to a rise in subdivisions, and a loss of yard space and the trees they contain.


Your financial data could lead to tailored retirement plans: Hume

Would you share your banking, insurance, health and financial data to improve your retirement planning?


Calls for investigation into life cover health discrimination

The Public Interest Advocacy Centre is calling on ASIC to investigate mental health discrimination by insurers.

Retirement Planning

Are you retiring with more than you need?

Most people are worried about running out of money in retirement, but could this lead to you retiring with more money than you need?


How to protect yourself from dodgy builders and defects

Building a home can be a stressful time, made more anxiety-inducing if you end up locked in a legal battle over defects.


Ageing homes responsible for a fifth of Australia's emissions

The biggest challenge to Australia achieving net zero emissions by 2050 could be a lot closer to home than you think.

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