Are you being stung by your super clinging to junk cover?

Super Consumers Australia names and shames the fund still offering junk insurance terms.

Superannuation News

Super may not be reaching your bank, find out how to get it back

Is your employer paying you the right amount of superannuation?


APRA changes expected to change over-50s retirement plans

Tougher home loan serviceability tests will make it harder for new borrowers to get a mortgage, but over-50s could also bear the brunt of APRA changes.

Legal & General

Lawyer who ripped off elderly clients walks free

A Gold Coast lawyer struck off in two states for ripping off the estates of elderly clients has walked free after being found guilty of defrauding a WWII refugee.


Does public liability cover a tradie injured on your property?

Paul is confused about the rules around public liability insurance and having workers on his property.

Finance News

The pandemic has changed the way we feel about energy usage

Australians responded to the pandemic by purchasing large appliances and white goods, but this has increased our interest in reducing energy use.

Finance News

Rising costs wipe out Age Pension increase

The Consumer Price Index rose 0.8 per cent in the September quarter.


How to cut health cover costs by hundreds

There are three tactics smart Aussies use to save on health cover: Cutting unnecessary cover. Does your policy cover 100 percent back on podiatry but…


Liberals admit CGT concessions might need to be cut

NSW is doing what Labor’s Bill Shorten could not – explaining why Australia’s capital gains tax concession is knocking home buyers out of homes.


Super funds want to provide pension eligibility advice

The Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees has called for an expansion of the type of advice they are allowed to provide to members.


Are older Australians reassessing the job market?

As life starts to return to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic, it is hard to know exactly how many older Australians plan on returning to work.


The pandemic stock market mistake that cost Aussies thousands

How panicking during 2020 caused thousands of Aussies to ruin their super returns.

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