Emergency funds flash poll delivers surprising result

Friday’s Flash Poll asked if you were prepared for a financial emergency? The results were surprising.


Would you let a robot manage your finances?

Trust in financial advisers has plummeted in the wake of the financial services royal commission, but would you let a robot manage your finances?


Three key reasons why elder abuse is on the rise

Combine an ageing population with strong house prices and superannuation balances and you have the perfect recipe for a growth in elder abuse, according to key sources.

Banking & Investment

Probe exposes financial abuse of older Australians

The banking royal commission has had a profound impact on the financial services sector and exposed older Australians’ vulnerability to financial elder abuse.


Financial elder abuse is more prevalent than you may think

Financial elder abuse may seem like something that happens to others or those with lots of money stashed away, but the sad reality is that its more prevalent than you may think.


Why use a planner?

Financial planners often get bad press but that doesn’t mean the whole industry should be tarred with the same brush. The relationship you build with your chosen planner will play an integral part in getting the best information and plan for you.

Will you get a pension?

Transferring your UK pension to Australia

Having a pension fund across the world may not be financially beneficial in terms of paying double fees and charges but how do you consolidate your retirement monies?

Accommodation options

Finding and going through the process of organising your parent or parents into a new form of accommodation can be a time-consuming and draining experience. Living styles and options have expanded and the financial arrangements you will be entering into have become more complex and sophisticated. Here’s an introduction to help de-mystify some of the available choices and the terminology involved.

Federal Government

67 before you get your super

Hidden behind the budget news is the recommendation, apparently in the finally released Harmer Review and also the Henry review, to increase the age (from 55 to 67) at which super can be accessed. What will this mean?

Retirement Planning

Self-funded retirees benefits boost

If you’re a self-funded retiree, you may have suffered considerable financial losses as a result of the global financial crisis. With some smart accounting, you may be eligible for Centrelink benefits.