Why core strength is vital at every stage of life

Some of the best core strengthening exercises that can be completed from the comfort of your home.


Tips for getting a six-pack at any age

Achieving a chiselled six-pack becomes harder as you age, but it is possible.

Health news

Research finds severe liver damage from supplements on the rise

New research finds incidents of severe liver damage from taking dietary supplements have risen dramatically in the past decade.

Health news

Are you drinking your coffee too early?

Drinking coffee too early in the day can reduce some of its positive effects.


Podcast: Move it or lose it

Host John Deeks speaks with fitness guru Rhonda Collins about exercise and ageing.


Being overweight can worsen the liver damage caused by alcohol

The largest study of its kind has found people in the overweight or obese range who drink alcohol are at greater risk of liver disease.

Health & Ageing

Could this be the cause of your muscle weakness?

Muscle weakness often starts gradually and makes once-simple tasks harder, but there may be a simple explanation.


Beating the excuses not to exercise

Here's how you can overcome all your regular no-exercise excuses and get fit and healthy.


Could exercise boost your creativity?

From the 'runfulness' effect to finding focus, Abi Jackson looks at the links between creativity and moving your body.


Study finds hearing loss or vision loss linked to weight gain

Men who suffer sensory loss, particularly hearing loss, are more likely to be physically inactive and obese than women, according to a new study.


Four easy exercises you can do while the kettle is boiling

You don't even have to leave the house to get in some beneficial exercise, in fact, you can do it while waiting for the kettle to boil.


Why you should keep exercising through winter

We all know the benefits of regular exercise but how do you stay motivated through winter? And should you exercise with a cold?

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