Qantas’ controversial COVID policy

Passengers will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before entering or leaving Australia on a Qantas plane, and could be asked to show a vaccination passport to prove it.


Double-decker seats future of flying

Can you imagine climbing a ladder to get to your lie-flat seat in an aeroplane? This new design can accommodate an extra level of passengers between the cabin seats and the overhead bins.


Airlines ditching outdated announcements

Japan Airlines, EasyJet and Air Canada to use gender-neutral announcements.


Make late-night flights more bearable

Trading a bed for an airline seat is a serious comfort downgrade, but these tips can help you get through your next late-night flight and arrive more functional and ready to explore.


2021 set for boom in travel

Research suggests an upward trend in flights booked for January 2021, with international travel banned indefinitely, there may be light at the end of the tunnel.


How fresh is airline food?

Toby wonders how long airline food sits in the trays before it is served to passengers.


How to fly with back pain problems

Paul is worried about taking a long-haul flight with his bad back and wants to know if there are any tips to help alleviate his discomfort.


How safe is air travel?

It has never been safer to fly on commercial airlines, according to a new study.


Which airline has the best food?

Paul has had a gutful of terrible plane food and wants to know if there are any airlines that make it more palatable.

Cheap Flights & Airfares

Tool offers better flight choices

Researchers have developed an original approach to flight scheduling that, if implemented, could result in a significant increase in profits for airlines and more flights that align with passengers’ preferences.


How airlines will change in 2020

We ask travel expert Nick Wyatt about the key trends that will shape the airline industry in 2020.


Can you fly for free as a courier?

Julia has heard a rumour about travelling for free by taking a package with him. Is this too good to be true?

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