Friday Funnies gets a kick out of COVID vaccination ads

Vaccination ads that kick butt and lift the spirits.


These 10 jokes are so bad that they’re almost great

When it comes to a good joke, we think short and sweet is best. And these 10 jokes are so bad that they’re almost great.


Paraprosdokians that will get you giggling

Paraprosdokians were apparently a Winston Churchill favourite. They're funny, but what the heck are they?


Friday Funnies from the heart – for the heart

What's the best way to keep your heart healthy? Laughter, of course.


Friday Funnies: Lost in translation

These warning signs from places all over the globe show just how funny the English language can be when it’s lost in translation.


True friendship – Aussie style

A dose of dinkum 'down under' humour.


Friday Funnies: Never argue with a woman who reads

We poke a little fun at male stereotypes. But of course they don't still exist. Do they?


Friday Funnies: Value for money

A husband and wife face a difficult decision in hospital, while our old friends the Englishman, the Irishman and the Scotsman walk into a bar.


Friday Funnies: a collection of quick-witted quotes

This collection of quick-witted quotes from the world’s most intelligent – and funniest – people will give you a unique insight on life. Or they’ll just make you laugh out loud. Either way, you win!


Aussies and Kiwis, mateship aside, try not to laugh

What’s better than self-deprecation and some Aussie-Kiwi banter? Not much, so enjoy your Friday Funnies.


Friday Funnies: The bravest and the fiercest

Some people are born great and some people have greatness thrust upon them.


Ten wacky wordplay jokes

For better or for worse, the English language has a lot of room for interpretation and innuendo, so it’s little wonder that some of the best jokes we’ve found revolve around wordplay.

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