What are the chances?

Think you might win the lottery some day? We’re not saying you won’t hit the jackpot, but statistically speaking, the following six things are more likely to happen.


Pokies: ‘addictive like cocaine’

Lawyers are preparing legal action against casinos and poker machine designers, saying that pokies are designed to be addictive and may be illegal.


Dealing with financial infidelity

Relationship expert Jo Lamble answers many prickly questions in her book, Answers to Everyday Questions about Relationships. This week she has advice on how John can get past his wife’s financial infidelity.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Cashless welfare card to be trialled

The government will trial a cashless welfare card designed to stop recipients from spending their income on drugs, gambling and alcohol in some areas later this year.

Packer casino gets rubber stamp

Premier Barry O’Farrell has rubber-stamped billionaire James Packer’s request to build a second casino and luxury hotel complex located in the historical centre of Sydney, at Barangaroo Point. The approval for a luxury resort and so-called ‘high rollers’ casino was awarded to Mr. Packer without the bid having been put out to tender.

Gambling harms local communities

The Queensland Government has announced it will be offering three new casino licences

Gambling tycoon no show

Bookmaker Tom Waterhouse has “treated the Parliament with contempt”

Woolworths profits from pokies

Australia’s fresh food people are on their way to becoming one of the world’s largest pokies operators. Woolworths runs 11,700 pokies machines across Australia, which is more than the ‘big six’ casinos in Las Vegas combined.

Editor's Choice

Editor’s choice – Pokie-free Las Vegas

Ok, so I know most people go to Las Vegas for the bright lights and a flutter at the casinos but until you’ve actually been there, you have no idea how confronting the gambling culture can be.

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Resolving financial difficulty

The thought of taking control of your finances can seem daunting, especially if you’re struggling with debt or just finding it difficult to make ends meet. There are a range of free services to help get your finances back in order.