Keen on cut flowers? Here's how to grow your own

Garden designer and cut flower aficionado Carien van Boxtel shares her top tips.


How to make hanging baskets out of throwaway junk

Kitchen colanders, gumboots and woolly jumpers can be used to create beautiful hanging baskets, says gardening expert Chris Collins.


How to build a raised bed in your garden

There has been a surge in people wanting to eat homegrown food, but not everyone has the space to do it. Here's how to build a raised garden bed.


Everything you need to know to grow your own loofah

Ditch non-recyclable scouring pads and back scratchers by growing your own loofah sponge.


What you should know when using potting mix and soils

Gardening is a wonderful way to get outside and get your hands dirty. Many people don’t realise, however, that working with potting mix, soils and compost can come with some serious health risks.


Convert your manicured lawn into a wildlife retreat

Create an environmental retreat that you and the wildlife will appreciate.


Imaginative ways to use grow bags in small spaces

Ditch ugly black plastic grow bags for some more versatile versions to help you grow fruit and vegies in a small space.


Enrich your garden soil for free this autumn

Gardening YouTuber Huw Richards reveals seven unusual ways to enrich your soil on a budget.


How often should you water outdoor plants as the weather gets cooler?

As we're heading into autumn, many gardeners are likely wondering if they should continue to water their plants - and if so, how often they should be doing it.


Roses for nearly every garden set-up

Roses can be successfully grown in every Australian state and territory. Here's how to get them to survive and thrive in your garden.


Experts reveal the pros and cons of artificial lawn

It’s green, pristine and doesn’t need mowing, but is artificial grass good for the planet?


Cut flowers: Artisan growers share their secrets

Fancy growing flowers for cutting? The pros give their top tips.

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