COVID hasn’t helped climate change

Carbon dioxide levels over Australia rose even after COVID-19 forced global emissions down. Here’s why.

Federal Government

‘Grim’ environmental scorecard

A major scorecard gives the health of Australia’s environment less than one out of 10.


Where climate change will hurt most

Revealed: the areas where global warming is set to wreak most havoc on property owners.


Heavy traffic linked to dementia

Where you live could have long-term consequences on your cognitive health, with a new study showing that living near a main road can increase your risk of dementia.


Global temps continue to rise

The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO's biennial State of the Climate report shows that, globally, last year was the warmest on record and evidence that temperatures will continue to rise.


We’re losing the climate change battle

February gave us the hottest month since global weather records began, and leading climate scientists agree that this confirms the planet is fighting a losing battle against climate change.


Will Australia go coal-free?

The Federal Government’s new chief scientist, Dr Alan Finkle, is backing the end of coal-fired power in Australia, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull isn’t on board.


Poor ranking heats climate debate

Australia is now the worst-performing developed nation when it comes to climate action, according to a survey by European non-government organisations.


Emma Thompson joins Greenpeace

British actress Emma Thompson is fronting the Greenpeace campaign to get all of us to convince our leaders it’s time to act on climate change and global warming.