Seniors Finance

Calls for inheritance tax and GST hike to fix broken tax system

Australia's tax laws are costing the nation about $50 billion in compliance costs, while inefficient taxes are costing even more in lost economic growth.


NSW entrepreneur wants pollies to take a pandemic pay cut

NSW entrepreneur Mark Bouris has called on politicians to put their money where their mouth is in support of small business.

Seniors Finance

We need a new strategy to protect older adults from violent crime

Compared to younger homicide victims, older homicide victims are more likely to be women who die in their own home at the hands of a stranger.


Most older Aussies need to be vaccinated before nation reopens

Around 70 to 80 per cent of older Aussies will need to be vaccinated before the nation reopens, prompting calls for reduced time between jabs.

Federal Government

Morrison’s ‘new deal’ is not what most Australians want

All-encompassing crises like a pandemic can expose systemic flaws and failures in society, clearing the decks for radical reform and renovation.

Federal Government

Another day, another rorts scandal – this time with car parks

The auditor-general has reported that a $389 million car park construction fund has been administered ineffectively.


Federal government data shows one in five COVID-19 jabs not being used

As the debate around Australia’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout escalated yesterday, fresh federal government data revealed one in five jabs were not being used.


Contrasting state lockdown coverage reveals much about politics

Media coverage of the first few days of the COVID-19 Delta variant outbreak in New South Wales has been markedly different from that of the most recent lockdown in Victoria.


NSW lockdown a week too late and has endangered the nation: experts

Epidemiologists say NSW lockdown has come a week too late and has now put the rest of the nation at risk. But another shares a way out of these latest - and future - outbreaks.


Nationals re-Joyce: Barnaby back as deputy prime minister

Barnaby Joyce will return as the new leader of the Nationals after a shock leadership spill in Canberra on Monday morning.

Federal Government

Aussies expect pollies to lie, but expect them to resign when caught

Australians overwhelmingly believe politicians who lie, pork-barrel, or wrongly claim taxpayer money should quit.

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