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Happy people – five things they do differently

So what can you do to have a more contented frame of mind and, indeed, self? Here are five things that happy people do differently that sets them apart from others.


TEDx Talk: what makes a good life?

Watch our video of the week to discover the lessons learned from a 75-year study of adult development. What do you think the most important factor for health and happiness will be?


Five ways to be happier every day

The trick to finding happiness is about practicing small habits to make happiness your natural mindset. Here are five things you can do every day, especially when things in life get tricky.

Health news

Be happy: get your mind out of the way

Many of our problems stem from our own minds. So why not get your mind out of the way for a happier life? Here are five ways to do just that.


This is what happens when you get angry at a stranger

We’ve all been annoyed at strangers at some time or another. But what really happens when we allow ourselves to get angry at the actions of others?

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Would you be happier without Facebook?

The Happiness Research Institute in Denmark decided to put this question to the test. Do you think you were happier before you started using Facebook, the popular social network?

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Simple things to make you happy

Happiness doesn’t happen by chance. Happiness is a choice – and it’s your attitude in and reaction to any given situation that makes the difference. So, what makes you happy?


Can money buy happiness?

A psychology study looking into consumer purchases has found that those who buy experiences are happier than those who buy things. Can money buy happiness?

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Five ways to be happier

What are the tricks to being happier? If you feel there’s room for improvement, consider trying these five suggestions.


What happiness meant 80 years ago

An experiment from 1939 repeated in 2014 asked participants to define what happiness meant to them – and 80 years later, things have changed. n

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Detoxing your emotions

Starting the New Year with a clean slate is the perfect way to get your life back on track. But looking after your emotional and mental health is often forgotten about in the clutter of everything else going on.


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