Health Insurance

Be prepared for a second rate rise in just six months

This April health premiums are due to go up by 2.74%. That’s on top of another rate rise last October. Here’s how to avoid the impact of this second increase.

Health Insurance

What health insurers won’t tell you about saving money on your policy

If you’re waiting for your health insurer to tell you that there are better deals out there you could be waiting a while. Find out how your loyalty is likely costing you.

Health Insurance

Is April's health cover premium rise really 'the lowest in 20 years'?

It's difficult to compare funds and policies, but you must ask these questions before 1 April.


Tired of paying too much for health insurance?

Compare Club CEO, Andrew Davis tells host John Deeks how to bypass the April 1 health fund increases.


Private health rebate levels are dropping, what does that mean?

Not only will private health premiums go up in April, rebates will go down.

Health Insurance

10 ways to get cheaper health insurance in 2021

Are you looking for simple and affordable private health insurance in 2021? Do you want peace of mind for your own health or just want…

Health Insurance

Here’s how you can beat the double health insurance premium hike

Health insurance premiums went up in October 2020 and they’ll likely go up again in April 2021. Here’s how to beat the rising costs without compromising on cover.

Health Insurance

How the wrong extras coverage could be costing you

Are you throwing away money on the wrong health insurance extras policy for your needs? Here’s a simple way to find out and potentially save hundreds of dollars.

Health Insurance

Health funds pay out $500m less, premiums still through the roof

Health insurers paid out $500 million less in hospital and extras benefits in 2019--20 compared to the previous year, but premiums are still sky high.

Health Insurance

Older Aussies with health insurance are being hit by rising gap fees

Gap fees have risen again and it’s older Australians who are getting the worst of it. To avoid being hit in the hip pocket, here’s how you can take action now.

Health Insurance

Misplaced loyalty is stopping baby boomers saving on their health cover

Older Australians are often paying too much for cover they’ll never use. Here’s how they can take the power back and cut costs.

Health Insurance

Health insurance changes leave many surprised with lack of cover

Private health fund members, experts and the insurers themselves are warning people to check their cover, after changes this year mean many people may have different exclusions than they once did.

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