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How to get dental cover from $3.85* a week

Medicare doesn’t generally cover dental costs, but some extras policies will cost you less than a cup of coffee, plus you get 100% back on a check-up. Keeping your teeth clean has never been cheaper.

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Are health insurance discounts and freebies worth it?

If you got hooked in by a freebie when you took out your health insurance, you could now be paying for cover you won’t use. Our specialists can help you get more value from your cover.

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Afraid of the dentist because of high gap fees? There is a solution.

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on an extras policy that doesn’t cover the services you need most, like dental or optical.

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How to pay less on your health insurance when you’re not sick

Everyday health expenses like dentists and glasses can really add up. But by switching health insurance you can save money even when you’re not sick.

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Get surgery sooner with the right private health cover

What price would you put on pain-free quality of life?

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Full hospital cover for you and your partner from $6.12* a week

Taking advantage of cheaper health insurance cover is easier to find than you think,

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How to cut health cover costs by hundreds

There are three tactics smart Aussies use to save on health cover: Cutting unnecessary cover. Does your policy cover 100 percent back on podiatry but…

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Get hospital and extras cover from just $3.22* a day

If you’re worried about the cost of private health insurance, there’s no need, hospital and extras cover starts from just $3.22 a day.

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Older Australians worried by spiralling out-of-pocket health costs

National Seniors Australia predicts that health premiums could rise by as much as 66% by the end of the decade. Here’s how to keep the cost of your cover low.

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Best private health insurance for over 50s

Taking care of our bodies through proper nutrition and exercise is the best strategy to ward off health issues, and the next tool in your arsenal is good health care.

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Is your health insurer passing on pandemic savings to you?

Australian health insurers paid out $500 million less in hospital and extras benefits over 2019–20. So why are our premiums higher than ever?

Health news

Elective surgery backlog unlikely to be resolved any time soon

The latest private health insurance figures show that current lockdowns are only going to make it harder for those awaiting elective surgery.

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